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Terms & Conditions


51st Western Port Festival
‘Harbour of Friendships’ 
Western Port Festival Inc.
PO Box 427
Hastings VIC 3915
ABN: 87 664 229 932
Event Site
Fred Smith Reserve,
Marine Parade,
Hastings VIC 3915
Event Representative / Stalls Coordinator Contact
Jaydan Lehmann:
Event Operating Times (TBC for 2020)
Friday – 5.00pm to 10.00pm
Saturday – 9.00am to 10.00pm
Sunday – 9.00am to 4.00pm
Event Set-up and Pack-up Times
Stallholders are required to set-up and pack-up within the following timeframes.
Friday Setup – Prior to 4pm  Packup – After 10.30pm
Saturday  Setup – Prior to 9am  Packup – After 10.30pm
Sunday Set-up – Prior to 9am  Pack-up – After 5.00pm
Vehicle movements on Festival Grounds during Event Operating Times are not permitted without prior permission from the Western Port Festival Stalls Coordinator. Only vehicles which form part of a stall displays are permitted to park on festival grounds during Event Operating Times. These same vehicles are not permitted to during event operating times and may be subject to wheel clamping.
Stallholder Applications
Acceptance and non acceptance to stallholder applications will be at the sole discretion of the Western Port Festival.
Whilst preferences will be taken into account when allocating stall positions, exact positioning of stallholders will be at the sole discretion of the Western Port Festival.
Food & Drink Stalls
All commercial and non-commercial food stalls are required to complete a statement of trade through the streatrader website:
Statement of Trade Certificates must be included with your online application and be prominently displayed at your stall during the Western Port Festival.
For further detail regarding Streatrader – please phone 1300 085 767 or visit
The Stallholder acknowledges that his or her right to use a stall site for a particular category or product line is not exclusive to the Stallholder and that the Western Port Festival may permit other Stallholders with the same or similar product lines to operate at the Western Port Festival.
Site Fees & Payments
Payments must be received before your application can be accepted, all stall fees are payable at time of booking through our online purchasing gateway. Receipts will be issued for all payments received. 
All products you intend to sell must be listed in your online application form.
The Western Port Festival reserves the right to ask you to remove any products that are not listed on your application. Stallholders are not permitted to sell any item/items deemed by the Western Port Festival to be offensive, illegal or prohibited.
The stallholders is responsible for ensuring all products comply with relevant Australian safety and compliance standards and are fit for purpose.
The Western Port Festival does not engage in anti-competitive behaviour. Stallholders are solely responsible for their own product pricing.
All applicants are required to hold adequate public liability insurance valid for the duration of the Western Port Festival, the insurance policy must be included with your online application.
Transfer, Subletting & Joint Stallholding
Stall sites cannot be transferred, sublet, franchised or sold to any other person, nor can they be shared without prior written approval from the Western Port Festival Stalls Coordinator.
Limitation of Liability
The Western Port Festival will not be responsible for any consequential loss or damage suffered by the Stallholder as a result of the terms of or termination of this agreement.
The Western Port Festival will not be liable for any injury (including death), loss or damage to or suffered by the Stallholder, its servants or agents as a result of the use and occupation of the site under the Agreement or in correction with any business conducted by the Stallholder no matter how the injury, loss or damage is caused.
The Western Port Festival does not in any way warrant that a Stallholder will have a particular level of sales or particular profitability. The Stallholder waives any right to hold the Western Port Festival liable for any failure to meet expected sales or levels of profitability, nor to seek from the Western Port Festival any lost income, expenses, damages or the like arising from the Stallholder’s participation in the Western Port Festival.
The entrants, contractors and/or sub-contractors shall indemnify the Western Port Festival Inc. from any claims arising out of the entry, for bodily injury, loss or life, property damage and accident to third parties.
Western Port Festivals Inc. accepts no responsibility for loss of or damage to personal property or injury to personal or animals associated with the application.
General Site Safety
The Western Port Festival is an all-weather event and stallholders must be prepared for adverse weather conditions, as such the Western Port Festival will not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury whatsoever due to adverse conditions.
It is the responsibility  of the Stallholder to ensure marquees and all stall equipment be erected securely and weighed or secured at all times.
All stallholders equipment must remain within the stall site. For the safety of others, public access ways must remain clear all times.
Stallholders must notify the Western Port Festival of any incident or accident to any person or property that involves loss or could be expected to give rise to a claim.
The Western Port Festival reserves the right to immediately remove any stallholders determined to be conducting unsafe practices or putting the safety of any persons at risk.
Festival Grounds
Due to the undulation and configuration of the Festival site, some stallholders may find themselves on grounds which maybe uneven, paved, grassed or with overhanging trees. It is important to take this into account when preparing for the Western Port Festival.
Stallholders must not cause damage, make alterations or additions, of any nature to, or carry out works of any nature to the Festival Grounds, and that, if any damage is caused, the costs of any repairs, making good or replacement are born by the Stallholder.
Generator Supply
The Western Port Festival will have a number of generators running continuously during the festival weekend. A limited number of 10amp and 15amp generator connections can be provided to stallholders for a nominal fee, during the online application process.
Stallholders are responsible for supplying their own leads to connect into the power distribution board and must ensure their leads are suitable for the amount of power being drawn, that the extension leads are safe, correctly wired, in good condition, conform to regulations and have a current inspection tag attached.
It is recommended stallholders with high risk products seek alternative means for heating, cooking and refrigeration purposes, as the Western Port Festival accepts no responsibility for any loss of product or trade resulting from generator failure.
Unauthorised use of electricity and or/faulty or inadequate fittings will result in disconnection of power.
Gas Safety
Stallholders with LPG Gas must comply with the ‘Code of Practice For The Safe Use Of LPG’s At Public Events’ and complete the Gas Safety Check List before commencement.
A copy of the ESV Checklist can be found at: Stallholders may be subject to Energy Safe Victoria inspections at the Festival.
Refund requests must be addressed in writing to the Stalls Coordinator, Refunds are only issued under exceptional circumstances and such requests are determined at the sole discretion of Western Port Festival Inc.
Transaction Fees are not refundable, and Stall Fees are not refundable within 28 days of the Western Port Festival.
Please allow up to 6 weeks for the review and processing of any refund request.
Western Port Festival Inc. reserves the right to order the removal of signs, banners or any material or person considered offensive by the Western Port Festival.
Stallholders must confine their displays and signs to the stall site and keep pathways clear for patrons.
Water Supply
There is no water source available on the foreshore, if you require water for your activities, please ensure you bring your own water with you.
Waste Management
Stallholders are not permitted to dump rubbish, including liquid trade waste in festival bins or on festival grounds are are responsible for ensuring that their stall site and surrounding area is kept in a neat and tidy condition throughout the festival weekend, including the removal of rubbish off-site.
For a nominal fee during the online application process, a 240L Wheelie Bin can be provided to the stallholders for non-described, general waste only.
Raffle Tickets
Raffle tickets, irrespective of intent may not be sold without appropriate gaming permits and prior written approval from the Western Port Festival.
Declared Code Red Day
In the event of a declared Code Red Day, the Western Port Festival will be cancelled.

Celebrating 50 Years!

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Hastings Foreshore
Marine Parade, 
Hastings, VIC 3915

W/port Office

Hastings Hall
1 High Street, 
Hastings, VIC 3915

Postal Address

PO Box 427
Hastings, VIC 3915

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